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The Details

Contributing your product is what makes Grab Bag successful- that’s why we offer our contributors multiple ways to earn; increased commission, our tiered affiliate program, free ad space, and brand collaboration is just the beginning. Products must be of $8+ value. The more valuable your product, the more affiliate income you can receive. 

Interested in Becoming a Contributor?


Our Contributors can earn up to 40% more than the base commission rate. Earn up to 70%!


Receive bonus Ad Space to promote another offer, product, or upsell product in a Grab Bag sale.


We promote your material! We create lasting relationships with brands as your beneficial ally.

Contributor FAQs

Absolutely not! Our only stipulation is that we do not accept products that have been in a bundle sale within the last six months. If you are a regular contributor, we encourage you to submit products that have not been in a previous Grab Bag. 

The easy answer to this is no. But, we absolutely encourage it to be published. On the sales page, we list out each and every product that is included in the Bag and link them back to the site owners page for more info. This helps buyers see exactly what they’re getting.

Nope! We want you to continue to make sales and service your product. We only host in on our secure servers inside the PDF for customers only.

This depends on what you’re looking to get out of this opportunity. If you do not promote, you will not earn money from sales. But we also give you other ways to earn through free ad space and personal product upsells. You will get exposure and the opportunity to grow and make sales through your store if your ad is enticing and you include a personal invite in your product. We promote you, so you will get clicks. We encourage you to include a whole page about you, your shop, and a discount or upsell inside your product. So this is a chance to get clicks and earn money. We also give you free ad space. You can use this to promote another product. If it’s enticing enough, you could get sales from that. We know that buyers click on these and purchase because we’ve tested it with affiliate links to other brands and we’ve made money. So it really depends on what you want to make of this opportunity. If it’s monetarily only, maybe. If you need/want exposure and the possibility to make income that comes with it, definitely.

Absolutely! In fact, we give you discounted sponsor/vendor options when you are a selected contributor. PLUS, you earn a higher affiliate commission rate and free ad space!

Our Grab Bags do have Christian roots, but we label each and every product that we serve as NEUTRAL or CHRISTIAN. We have lots of customers who purchase our product specifically for the neutral content. However, each Grab Bag we serve does include faith based products. 

You are submitting to be a contributor for the The Homeschool Collection Sale.

We only accept quality material so that we continue to provide the best content. Every single contributed product is reviewed our founder to be sure that it accurately reflects our brand and provides value to our customers.

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