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  1. Marcus Safea Brima Togba says:

    IThe fall of Adam and eve,kids Bible class,
    Are things we need to, teach their kids about, what God like us to do and things, God dislike for us non to do,
    and things like this, it will made us become God his own enemy,
    A) The fall of Adam and eve in the Garden of Eden, God told them to eat all the fruit 🍓🍑🍓 in the garden,but it was a particular fruit GOd 🍑 asked them not to eat, but the serpent confused eve and aten, when she ate it ,and took it to Adam and confused him and ate also and their eyes got open and they had understand of human nature,
    When God visited them in the garden, and saw their appearance, and then shower of eating the fruit in the garden,,there God asked them to left the garden,and 🔒 lock the garden of Eden,
    Tips for one to fall has a believe of God
    LoSe of faith
    Lack of respect
    Believe oneself
    Disobedience,Adam and eve disobey, God is words that leading them to fall,
    Loses of faith,eve and Adam lose faith that made them ate fruit of the garden
    Lack of respect,Adam and eve have non respect for God that leading them to fall.
    Believe oneself,they so much believe in the self for that that made them to do according to their will.
    Doubtful,it was so doubt to them,why God permited them to eat all the fruit 🍓🍌🍒🍉 in the garden but only one that not to eat, their like to know it repercussions and the want ahead and ate the deny fruit 🍑 in the which result their fall.
    Disrespectful, because Adam and eve had non respect for that, that why the ate the abandoned fruit in the garden in which leading force them out of the garden.

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